The taxman cometh.

Many thanks for the comments after the last post–I’m glad you like the drawings! (Lauren, that chair is my favorite as well.) Of course, I didn’t show you the pages and pages of bad sketches that bookended these ones, or the really funny looking woman I drew during lunch. So you can just keep thinking that my sketchbooks are filled with pages and pages of nice stuff.

Gocco’ing a few is a good idea, especially since it allows you to make the original drawings with all the freedom of not needing this one to be final–which is what gets me every time. I was a little disappointed by poor sales of the Portrait of the Artist prints (and the expense of the screens and light bulbs), which put me off of Gocco for a while. But maybe I’ll pull it out again.

Would you believe that we still haven’t done our taxes? Much as I prefer procrastination, I think I’m going to need to spend a few lunchbreaks whipping the books into shape since we don’t have Excel on our home computer. I have a half-finished painting on our dining room table, but I scrubbed off my three hours’ of work from Saturday and didn’t manage to get back to it. So, there might be some painting show + tell in a few days, but until then I should have my nose to the computer. :(


2 thoughts on “The taxman cometh.

  1. We just finished ours the other day, so don’t feel bad! Well, actually I can’t take the credit since my mom is a tax-preparer so she does them for us.

    So when do you guys leave town?

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