Sea + weed.

Time got away from me on Friday, so I didn’t get to put up these last few photos (because I know you were dying to see them, right?) and wish you a happy weekend.

Green + translucent 2.

I think the name “seaweed” makes much more sense than “starfish,” especially since these do look quite unkempt when they’re lying on the beach. So I try image them floating underwater instead, and then they’re a great deal more attractive.

Green + translucent 1.

Husband was still a little under-the-weather last weekend because of his teeth, but he rallied long enough to watch some Season 3 Battlestar Galactica with me and use our gift certificate to a really fabulous local restaurant. This being the 2nd (and probably last) time that we have been to West of Paris, let me just say that, if you are local, it is as good as you think it is. That man is a genius with sauces.

I finished two paintings and some drawings over the weekend, but I’m going to string them out a bit since I’ve got what I think is a really good blog idea in the works and want to put the drawings/paintings in the context of some other thoughts that I’ve had recently. If I can get my act together, Jupiterbuttons might be taking a turn toward the literary for a while. Husband is usually the most prolific author in the family, but every once in a while I find that I have something (or lots of things) to say.

Finally, many thanks to Holly from decor8 for including my Alphabirdybet Poster in her roundup of affordable art for kids on the Real Simple blog, Simply Stated. The print is temporarily sold out since UPS cleverly left my last order sitting on our doorstep and — as you might guess — someone helped themselves to a bunch of prints. But if you’re interested in a print while I’m engaged in an online tussle to get reimbursed, let me know and I can have one shipped to you directly from my printer.


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