Seeing stars.

I stayed home today with poor husband, who had all four wisdom teeth taken out this morning. Yuck. I guess there’s a reason why I barely remember my own tooth-removal experience. (For the record, he looks really amusing with a fat lip and has a very good sense of humor while under duress.)

A starfish!

Back to the beach, though. A starfish is always one of the most fun creatures to find because because of his lovely, lovely orange color.

The perfect size.

It’s amazing that something in nature can be this bright.

So orange.

But while I totally understand the “star” part of the name, I have to wonder who came up with the “fish.” What at all seems fish-like about this little guy?


3 thoughts on “Seeing stars.

  1. It’s wonderful to see beachy things when we’ve just got 6″ of snow!I love your photos! What kind of camera were you using?

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