Dollars and sense.

Maybe one of you far-off readers can help me…are sand-dollars a Pacific Northwest kind of species, or do you find them everywhere?

The usual way you find them (dead).

Common or not, I was very please to find a number of sand-dollar shells on the beach. And then one of the girls found something that was (to me) more rare: a bed of living sand-dollars, covered in short grey hairs.

A living sand dollar.

I have no idea whether the hairs help them to move or catch food or what, but they look a little bizarre when compared with the smooth white forms that I’m used to seeing.

Covered in fuzz.

Oh, and speaking of dollars (nice segue, hmm?), I just received a very happy and long-awaited bit of news from husband. He has a definite job offer from this school, so we will be moving to Florida in August!


(Apologies to parents, et al. for announcing it this way, but it’s hard to keep the good new in.)


7 thoughts on “Dollars and sense.

  1. Oh, also, did you find the sand-dollars a little past the big spit that goes waaay out on low tide? Or was it closer to Grandpa’s part?

  2. They were to the right of the spit, if you’re looking out from Driftwood Cove….still sandy, but a ways away from Grandpa’s beach.

    And thank you – better buy those Thanksgiving tickets now. :)

  3. Congrats!

    And, about the sand-dollars, I found some just like those you pictured above when I was at the beach this weekend in Charleston, SC. So, I don’t know about everywhere, but it does seem that you can find them on the east coast too.

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