Barnacular spectacular.

The beach at grandpa’s house is full of barnacles of all shapes and sizes.

White + rusty orange.

Sometimes the creature that lives inside the shell has already died, leaving a little white mountain with a gaping hole in the middle.

White + green + grey.

The shell usually sticks firmly to the rock for some time afterward, but if it is broken off it leaves a beautiful ghost ring behind.

White + grey.

I found one unattached shell that is large enough to wear as a ring around my finger.

White + umber + dark purple + green.

There are other barnacles (those closer to the water) that are still alive and closed up tightly against the air. If you go to an aquarium, you can watch through the glass as the shell opens and the barnacle waves its lacy tongue through the water to catch plankton.

We always leave the rocks with live barnacles behind.

Mostly white.

I kept this one as a paperweight since all the shells are empty, and I plan to draw it soon. Aren’t the shapes just begging to be turned into lines?


4 thoughts on “Barnacular spectacular.

  1. Lish, I did get the email — thanks! I filed an e-claim, and the website said that packages are automatically insured for up to $100 so I hopefully won’t lose too much on the experience. I do want to know what the thief is going to do with a bunch of my prints, though!

    Alexis, you need to put some Long Island pics up…I’ve never been there and would love to see your home. :)

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