Beachy keen.

So, we’re back from vacation! I add the exclamation point because we’re actually glad to be back — it really was a lovely week, but both husband and I felt quite content to walk into to our little apartment on Saturday night. I’m going to save details regarding the job interview until we know for sure, but it’s definitely looking good at the moment. :)

It's alive!

As always, vacation turned out to go a little differently than I had planned. I spent a lot less time drawing/painting and a lot more time hanging out with the two high school girls that came with us, which was definitely a fair trade. (Aren’t they cute?) Highlights included going downtown Seattle, lots of shopping, looking for treasures at the beach, and watching old episodes of Lost every evening. Mmm, doesn’t that sound nice?

A pinchy little fellow.

I didn’t pack my camera downtown but I did take it to the beach. If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with a white sand and blue waves, it might surprise you to see what the Puget Sound beaches look like. No swimming here! Lots of rocks + barnacles + pinchy crabs + cold water means that everyone keeps their shoes on and walks gingerly along, trying to look for pretty shells while not slipping on seaweed. (I almost lost a shoe in some sticky sand when when tide was low, so the rocks looked pretty good afterward.)

What's this?

So, in honor of the fact that I took lots and lots of photos of the beach and not much else, I’m going to go ahead and say that this is Beach Week here on Jupiterbuttons.

Finding crabs.

Got any photos you want to share? Leave a comment with a link, and we’ll hop over to see what your beach looks like!

Bean at her most stoic.

(We can’t go on vacation without The Beans, of course….

After a little swim.

…even if she wishes that she never had to see cousin Pip again.) 

Pip + Bean.


2 thoughts on “Beachy keen.

  1. Darn it Paula, how can you take such great photos. You make it seem so effortless, like there’s no setup or anything. aaaaarrrrgh

  2. Sometimes the best part of vacation is coming home. Your photos are spectacular… I really like the pup shaking off. I’m so glad I found your blog through the etsy forums. I’ll be linking you from mine so I’ll be back!

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