Dish week, day 5.

I wish I could say that this week has sped by, but that hasn’t really been the case. Dragged or plodded, maybe?

Next week will be entirely different, though. Husband got a long-awaited phone call yesterday telling him that he’s been invited to Florida for an interview. Hooray!! Unfortunately I don’t get to go, but he will get to meet a lot of people and bring back the scoop (and *hopefully* an offer letter). Instead, I get to spend the time here with mum & grandpa, which is always something to be looked forward to.

Since I can’t guarantee computer access and all that jazz, I’m going to be taking a little blog break next week. I feel like I’ve been doing an awful lot of that, haven’t I? It seems better to go ahead and decide that in advance, though, then to put up one little post and a few bad photos.

Plus, I think I just need to step away from the internet for a while. Am I the only one who sometimes thinks that life would be simpler if I had never discovered the world of blogs? Not better, perhaps, but definitely simpler. Imagine what it would be like to not know that there are a thousand art + craft blogs out there, daily beckoning you to visit them for new ideas and content. To not be influenced by the hundreds of other styles and subjects that seem better or more marketable than yours. To not worry about how to make your house, photographs, yard, cooking, etc. look as nice as hers

So next week, I’m going to settle down with a sketchbook and a couple of picture books to do a little exploration and re-evaluation — but no blog-hopping. Will let you know how it turns out. :)

The dishes I saved for last are a couple of pieces that most of my friends own because they’re just so darn cute.

Cheerfully red.

I mean, how can you resist that chipper little sugar & creamer set? (Alisha couldn’t…see her flickr page for another really lovely photo of this set.)

Peacefully white.

And then there are these lovely Japanese bowls, which can be found at thriftstores everywhere for about 50 cents apiece. They’re so delicate and have the best shape…who says that pretty dishes have to be expensive?

Thanks for showing your dishes and admiring mine this week. And don’t forget that we are hopefully moving next summer, so a lot of these may appear at the Gibbs Mega Moving Sale sometime in May…and I’d so much rather that they go to someone I know!

Have a good weekend + week, all.


3 thoughts on “Dish week, day 5.

  1. Hi Paula,
    I just stumbled onto your site when Mackenzie Miller linked you up from the Lady Kirkbay site . . . anyhoo, I love your watercolors of birds. Is there a way to order a print of cardinal perched on the finger, with the arm outside of the frame (charming description I just gave). I think it is just darling.

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