Dish week, day 4.

I’m going to be quick because I decided that a little lunchtime trip to the library would do me some good. So today, I present my little demitasse cup collection.

An attractive, if impractical, set of demitasse cups.

The bright blue set is from a housewares store in Freiburg, Germany. Germans make nice dishes.

Pretty blue cups from Germany.

The dark blue + gold set is Russian, picked up at a bazaar in the north of Azerbaijan.

Russian cups, purchased at a bazaar in Azerbaijan.

I love small cups, but they happen to be wildly impractical. I have had coffee in a demitasse cup maybe three times in my whole life, but they are so hard NOT to buy when you find them.

If you like dishes and you’ve got a minute, you should check out the Vintage Ceramics & Tableware group on Flickr. So many pretty pieces!


One thought on “Dish week, day 4.

  1. I love the blue german ones. I bought some cups with different inside/outside in Italy and love them. You’re so mean, you keep posting different dish links so we can find more dishes to dream about!

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