Dish week, day 3.

Wednesday brings me to my absolute favorite dishes of all time. Oh, and did I mention that I happen to own them?

My dear, dear mother found this set at the Goodwill before Josh and I were married. (They must have just brought out the box, because by the time I get there the china section consists of Shopko rejects and non-charming vintage ware.) Anyhow, mum bought it all and instead of hoarding it for herself, she gave it to me! What a woman!!

My absolute favorite dishes of all time...and I happen to own them!

When it came time for Josh and I to register at Macy’s, I just couldn’t convince myself that I liked any of their china better than the stuff I already owned. That plus the fact that it was ridiculously expensive encouraged us to simply not register for dishes and make do with these and another coordinating vintage set that I picked up a few months later. We have broken one bowl (sniff) and there are a lot of little cracks and chips in various pieces, but I still think it’s the perfect set. I even have bread plates. :)


The yellow cups are part of the coordinating set I mentioned…I found a big box of plates with a big yellow + black flower pattern, yellow bowls, and these cups and creamer/sugar set. Rather 1950s cafe meets Martha Stewart, don’t you think? I will (alas) probably sell them if/when we move, but for now they are the perfect set for lots and lots of guests. Which we have from time to time.

Okay, Mackenzie posted about her amazing plates today and you should definitely take a look. And designonpost put up lovely pics of some of her plates. The plate with the thumb cut-out is amazing!  Tanaudel also pointed out design*sponge’s modern china roundup, which might be a BAD place to visit if you have expensive taste and a small pocketbook. Not that any of us are in that situation. Ahem.


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