What, she still paints?

You probably already know this if you stopped by husband’s blog, but I won this year’s Moscow Renaissance Fair poster contest! Long-time readers might remember that I thought about entering last year, but we were about to move and I just couldn’t whip anything together in time. This year was a little down-to-the-wire as well…I set my brushes down at 1 am on Saturday morning and went jogging down Main Street with painting and printout in hand at 11:45 to squeak in just before the noon deadline.

For those of you who are curious about details (=Tim), I can tell you that the painting process ended up being a little rocky. I went ahead and inked the whole piece first thinking that the style would be more line-y than paint-y and have just a light wash. But then I discovered that my new walnut ink is really really watersoluble and my nice crisp lines melted all over the page. After a small moment of panic, I decided to paint over the whole thing and blend the ink in with the gouache. It worked pretty well, but I’m not sure I’ll do that again on purpose.

Seeing as there was some time pressure involved, I ended up feeling rushed and went to bed on Friday very tired and rather unhappy with how it turned out. And then on Saturday afternoon I found out that the contest involved public voting and became absolutely convinced that I had lost, seeing as Moscow people tend to have very hippy-ish taste and my piece is much more children’s story-bookish. So, you could have knocked me over with a feather on Saturday night when I got the call!

Renaissance Fair Poster sneak peek.

I was going to show you the whole piece but realized that it would probably be bad form since the grand poster unveiling isn’t until April 10. I hope I won’t get it trouble for showing you a little detail.

Locals, you’ll be seeing posters go up around town in April!


10 thoughts on “What, she still paints?

  1. Way to go Paula! I think it’s great that the ren fair uses input from real people (they used to choose the costume winners by audience applause when I was going). I’m sorry that I’ll miss the fair this year.

  2. Congratulations Sweetie! We’re so happy for you! I love what you’ve shown so far and can’t wait to see the entire picture. You always amaze me. After working so hard at your job all day you come home and make such beautiful things! What a wonder you are!

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