A swappin’ good time.

The recipient has informed me that she received her package, so I think it’s okay to give you a little peak at my half of a fun swap.  I won a drawing on Kristy’s blog and had the honor of sending a little box of crafting inspiration to her talented daughter Lily (in exhange for some really fabulous cups). Since Lily is a seamstress, I poked around my craft room and a local thrift store and came up with:

assorted buttons and trims,

Lily's swap 1.

vintage fabrics and an Amy Butler pattern that I know I’ll never get around to sewing,

Lily's swap 2.

and more fabric pieces and an embroidered pillowcase.

Lily's swap 3.

Lily, I hope you enjoy these!

Lily's swap 4.

I’m taking the day off tomorrow to work on a bunch of projects at home (hoorah!), so I should have lots of nice show + tell next week. You know how there are times when you’ve got lots projects going but haven’t actually finished anything for a long time? And so you feel like you’re not making any progress? But then suddenly a couple of those projects actually DO come to an end, which means that you can put away those scattered knitting needles and balls of yarn and the drawing supplies all over your dining room table?

I’m getting that feeling right now.

Not a work, mind you, but at home — and that’s good enough for me!


4 thoughts on “A swappin’ good time.

  1. Lucky Lily :) I know what you mean about being in the middle of a lot of projects. I like to switch from one to another to keep things interesting, but sometimes it seems like things take forever that way. I look forward to seeing more of what you’ve been working on!

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