You make my day.

I thought that I had finally climbed on top of my slippery work pile this  morning but then promptly managed to cry while on the phone with my boss, who wanted to know why a certain website wasn’t up yet. Wow. In retrospect, that was very embarrassing.

In light of the fact that next week is going to be 10 times busier than this week (recruitment weekend, yipee!) I think I’m going to sign off for a bit. But not before I hand out some “You Make My Day” blogger awards, courtesy of having been tagged by Lauren.

In the words of a certain uncle, “The best thing about having a job is knowing that you have a family that loves you when you come home.” So I’ve only got 3 awards to give out, and they all go to family members:

1. Husband, who is always always always the best part of my day
2. Brother, who was by far the best part of my SPU years and continues to be a fabulous friend
3. Uncle, who is cool and has a blog and takes the time to read + comment on his niece’s and nephew’s blogs

Thank you.

You make my day.


3 thoughts on “You make my day.

  1. Okay, and the dorky comment of the day….

    The best thing about having a deep love for one’s sister (your Mom), is seeing her children grow up.

    Every time I see my oldest girl sculpt a dragon our of lifeless clay into something that seems to live, I always think, “Man, that looks like something Paula would have done.”

    Family is great when is wrapped up in love, and has heartfelt appreciation of the difference and unique gifts of each individual. However, the common threads of gifts and abilities that are both spiritually and genetically tied to any family is like magic.

    I am glad that you married Josh, and glad when he calls me Uncle.

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