Snow daze.

This winter has been unusually snowy here, and in the last couple of days we’ve experienced the local equivalent of a blizzard. WSU took it’s first snow day in something like 15 years yesterday, and then we had another one today. Not even in my wildest, child-est fantasies did I imagine two snow days this week.

Now, a snow day is possibly the best kind of holiday because a) it’s unexpected and b) you haven’t made lots of plans. It’s like a little gift from heaven dropped into your lap, assuming you don’t mess it up by deciding to drive anywhere and getting stuck in a ditch. Okay, we did venture out yesterday, but our little Corolla was plucky as ever and we managed to visit the bank, get groceries, and find another parking spot on the street with only a few tense moments and a little bit of pushing.

Today has turned out to be sunny and lovely (albeit very snowy), so all the photos below are from yesterday’s ventures. This is what it looks like when the skies spill snow all over a little town in Idaho!

Husband cleaning off the car.

Bean in the window.


On the street.

Grocery shopping in a blizzard.

A really awesome snow fort.

Everyone pauses to admire.

She's got the right idea.

The sidewalk.

Walking home.


4 thoughts on “Snow daze.

  1. gosh that makes me homesick, it’s hot and sticky here in the southern hem.

    your town looks quaint, especially the theater. sigh are you going to the music within?


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