Adventures in Gocco, part 1.

I’ve been trying to decide how best to tell this story, since my first Gocco attempt turned out to be more of an “adventure” than an upfront success. As much as I’d like to say that I nailed it the first time, the truth is that this little guy caused an awful lot of frustration to radiate out from our dining room on Saturday. So, without further ado, I present Paulabirdy’s Guide to the Tempestuous Process of Creating Your First Gocco Print.

May your own adventures proceed much, much more smoothly!

(Note: this is not a tutorial! There are plenty of those out there already in internet-land, starting with this very nice one by The Small Object.)

Step 1.
Open box of materials shipped expensively from Japan. Admire ink colors and contemplate how much you like the smell of printing materials.

Admiring my new inks.

Step 2.
Spread kit all over dining room table. Read through booklet and play with cool new equipment.

Admiring my new gocco.

Step 3.
Attempt to burn first screen according to directions. Fail to snap lamp fixture fully in place because you are afraid of accidentally setting off bulbs. Only one bulb goes off as a result, and screen is only partially exposed.

Screen-burning attempt no. 2.

Step 4. (not shown)
Frown deeply at apparatus, contemplating how expensive the bulbs + screen were and wondering if there’s something wrong with your kit. Decide that it must be user error, so mount 2nd screen and two new bulbs.

Step 5.
Success–the new master looks fine! Apologize to kit for thinking nasty thoughts and happily spread a thick layer of ink all over design.

Spreading the ink.

Step 6.
Lower screen over paper and press firmly. Anxiously anticipate results.

Making the first print...

Step 7.
Remove print, which looks really terrible. Nasty thoughts return.


Step 8.
Repeat steps 5-7, resulting in a number of portraits of Mr. Cardinal with a bad case of the blotchies. Contemplate total cost of Gocco materials + possbility that the entire adventure will end in failure. Decide that, now that 2 masters and 4 bulbs have been wasted, you will need to revise your entire design.

Quadruple yuck!

Step 9.
Try not to start crying when husband asks how everything is going. Decide you might as well go and do some errands, since the first half of your precious Saturday has been wasted.

To be continued….

2 thoughts on “Adventures in Gocco, part 1.

  1. Owh…. dont worry. I had a bad experience with my Gocco too and had to order more bulbs and screen.

    I didn’t know that you could only use the bulb once and I did a Mock trial and set off the bulb only to blind myself for 5 minutes. Hehehe…

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