In which I pretend to be a graphic designer.

Doesn’t anyone else think this is funny? (Via Swissmiss.)


I tried it on the people in my office and was met with confusion.

And for kicks: today’s favorite search term was…ROLLING TRASH BIN.


6 thoughts on “In which I pretend to be a graphic designer.

  1. everybody’s a critic :)

    I loved your year in review post. so many great photos. the photo of the little girl and the grandmother on the beach is extraordinary- I don’t know what there is about it, but it’s special.

    search term to find your blog? think I missed something.

  2. Hahaaha I HATE word art! And one of these days, I am going to finish my “Kern” curtains where you can separate the space between the “e” and the “r”!

    Do you have that graphic in a larger size? Some of it is hard to read. I’d love to print it out for my office.

  3. It hysterical, but what makes it funny is that other people don’t get it.

    However, I go back to the day when I used to paste up my section of the college newspaper with wax. You kids with computers, you don’t what it’s like to create something on deadline with a little bit of black ink, a lump of paraffin, and an exacto knife.

    It wasn’t safe back then. You could leave little bits of your body on the page if you poked the wrong finger.

    Uncle “Living In The Past” Theo

  4. J, my favorite part about looking at the search terms that led people to my blog is guessing how in the world I used those words in the same post. :)

    Sillypanda, follow the link on “this” and you’ll get to a full-size, printable pdf.

    Uncle “LITP” Theo, I once bled all over a perfectly good piece of clayboard when I stabbed myself while trying to cut it with an exacto knife. This meant that my drawing had to have a black background and that I was endowed with a renewed respect for the dangers of art.

  5. yup- was trying to guess, too. didn’t fit with any post I remembered.

    I thought it was funny to use an emoticon in a post about problems with fonts and graphic design. oh well, I may be over laughing to myself, but I still do.

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