Etsy photos, take four.

Taking photos for the shop has turned out to be a much bigger hassle than I had ever imagined. I mean, I like taking pictures + I like arranging stuff, so I figured that the photos would be the least of my problems. Not true! Between finding the “perfect” spot, coming up with lots of little vignettes, and creating the right lighting conditions, it has turned out to be an ongoing source of frustration.

Alphabirdybet print...for Etsy.

The lighting is the main problem, of course–our apartment really only gets good light within four feet of the front windows between, say, 10 am and 2 pm.  On a good day. Since I’m usually not home at this time, it means that sunny Saturdays are my only option.

More Alphabirdybet prints!

I’ve tried to work around this in the past by using various artificial setups in my craft room and even hauling all my stuff to a very generous friend’s house, but I still wasn’t completely happy with the results. So this weekend I tried again.

A Bird for All Seasons.

This time I didn’t even try to shoot with any light that wasn’t natural, so I set everything up in our little entryway. I used our coffee table and the framed Ikea fabric from our bedroom and just made everyone a lot simpler. And you know what? I am so much happier with the results! 

Mr. Cardinal, again.

It’ll be kind of a pain to switch all the old photos out (making any change to an Etsy listing requires going through about 5 webpages for each item…and I have a lot of items now), but I think it will be worth it.

Mr. Puffin, again.

This little guy has flown (or is it waddled?) away already, but Mr. Cardinal is still there. :)

(Oh, and in case you’re interested…it’s STILL cold outside. The heat’s back on, but now the electricity’s all wonky–a third of our outlets work fine, a third don’t work at all, and a third are at about 25%. I’ve never seen the last one before, but it exists: the little lanterns in our front window have only a very faint glow right now. Weird, huh?)


6 thoughts on “Etsy photos, take four.

  1. Good work, Paula. Just a check in. Hadn’t talked to you about getting together this week. But we have been pretty sick with the flu, so I don’t think you guys want to get it! Hopefully I’ll see you at the tea on Saturday.

  2. The photos all look great.

    I’d be concerned about the electricity. Make sure you have all your smoke detectors in good working order. Not trying to be alarming, but that doesn’t sound right. Is there somebody you could ask?

  3. You are so unbelievably gifted. I love these photos. I think the picture of all the birds in the tree (middle one) is esp. good.

    Uncle T

    PS We have a blistering cold 46 degree weather at 9:37pm here in SoCal.


  4. J, the power’s back on – hooray! The landlord did call us to let us know that the power company should be fixing the problem…they just took their sweet time.

    Uncle T, call me when you drop another 40 degrees.

  5. The new photos look great! I feel your pain when it comes to winter photography. I have a big flash for my Nikon but I love the natural light so much better (um… and I haven’t learned to use the flash without help because I have to set things manually). Even though I’m often home during the day, I’ve given up and just started using my photos despite the obvious camera shake. Sigh.

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