Pretty birds all in a row.

I managed to start and finish something in only a week – now that’s progress!

Pretty birds all in a row.

The new painting was done in watercolor, gouache, and ink on rough watercolor paper. I found that my pen trips a bit on the paper’s surface, leading to a few extra blotches and blobs. Adds character, right?

Prettybirds detail.

The parrot is an homage to my sister’s green-cheeked conure, Stewart. (Or just “Bird Stew”, if you prefer.) Hmm, he’s a lot cuter when he’s not biting anyone.

Prettybirds detail.

The budgie is in memory of all the ones I’ve kept as pets over the years (= many), although I’m not sure we ever had a yellow and blue one.

All the other birds are for decorative purposes only, but there are some that I’ve drawn so many times now (like the bluebird and cardinal) that they’re beginning to feel like old friends. Part of my imaginary aviary, perhaps?

Prettybirds postcard sample.

I think I’ll turn the painting into a postcard instead of the usual print, since I’ve been wanting a new freebie to add to my Etsy orders. Might just go ahead and change my business card as well, since I’m almost out of the first batch. I was going to ask for your opinions on this design, but it’s looking a little color-by-technicolor, eh? Hmm. Back to Photoshop.

Anyhow, excusing the neon glow, what do you think? And do you like the new font? (Thank you, Dafont.) I liked my old one, but it could be a little spindly and I can’t find a version that will open on my Mac. Am hoping that Danoise will be a little friendlier…I prefer the look of Ecolier, but I can’t get the file to open just now.


4 thoughts on “Pretty birds all in a row.

  1. I really like the Cardinal, which looks just a little bit peeved to my eye. I do agree that the final might need to be photoshopped to a slightly different color, but you’re the queen of proper coloring.

    Being crassly commercial, I would probably probably have something like “Where All The Cool Birds Are Hanging Out” rather than “All the Birds In A Row,” which might drive more traffic to your website.

  2. Your picture really looks like Stewie :) but he doesn’t bite all the time (he’s having some cuddle time right now…) I like the yellow one too, reminds me of the one we starved to death. *sigh*

  3. I like the white background better too… the birds really “pop” on white … and it’s a little hard to read your etsy url in white on blue … but maybe my computer monitor is too dark! :)

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