Tidying up.

So I opened a Flickr account a while back because WordPress told me that I was running out of room and wanted me to pay to upgrade. Being somewhat cheap, I opted for the freebie – load photos into Flickr, place link in WordPress. But then I ran out of room in Flickr (free room, that is) and finally had to upgrade to a pro account. Sigh. Does this remind anyone of the Windows Vista/Mac OS X.whatever situation? Hey, you can’t that thing you used to do anymore! At least, not until you pay us some money to upgrade your operating system!

Anyhoo, I decided that now that I’m paying some hard-earned money for my Flickr account, I might as well clean house a bit. So I made a bunch of new sets and put all my photos into nice little stacks and bundles.

Voila! Even virtual housekeeping makes you feel good afterward.


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