New birds on the block.

Please say hello and how d’ya do to my two new friends, Mr. Puffin and Mr. Cardinal.

Mr. Puffin

Mr. Cardinal

As you can probably tell tell, Mr. Puffin is the more opinionated of the two. But I’m sure that Mr. Cardinal could turn around and give you a piece of his mind if he wanted to.

These newbies just made their way into ye olde shoppe, which has been languishing a little due to lack of attention. But I plan to fix that soon, oh yes I do. I’ve got something rather large and bulky up my sleeve that might be just-the-thing to drag me off the couch and back to the kitchen table. (It’s quite nice to know that I’m not the only one who feels that way!)

I thought about spilling the beans right now, but I think I might wait just a little longer. I managed to make myself draw for a little while last night when I was stuck on the couch feeling lousy, so I think my enthusiasm might be returning.  Mr. Puffin and Mr. Cardinal were supposed to be little samples, but they turned out rather differently than I’d expected and I think I’m going to move in another direction. But it will be a fun one – you’ll see!

I hope you have a lovely weekend drawing, painting, or curling on the couch. :)


5 thoughts on “New birds on the block.

  1. Love them! Did you ever read The Lonesome Yak? It’s a kid’s book about a yak who goes to see a psychiatrist…which is a puffin. He was quite opinionated too.

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