I wish I had some show + tell.

Sorry about the lack of posting recently…I’ve got a handy little list of excuses if you want to hear ’em (faculty meeting, other meetings, visiting brother). But the truth is that I just haven’t been making all that much recently, and when I don’t make much I don’t feel as though I have anything that you want to see. And I really doubt that you visit this blog to read all my profound thoughts.

I don’t know why, but I’m experiencing a little lull in inspiration right now. I thought that the new year might fill me with lots of great ideas, and I did have a few at the beginning. But a couple of them are taking time to materialize, and the others just don’t seem all that exciting at the moment. Do you ever want to come home after a long day of work and curl up on the comfy couch next to your husband instead of sitting on a hard wood chair and breaking out the gouache? I do, sometimes. And husband sure doesn’t seem to mind. :)

I know that if I just keep working at stuff, I’ll get more results than if I sit around and wait until I feel like it. So I will. On, um, Saturday.

(Okay, I did paint two new pieces over break and I’ve got some sketches going. Will start working on them tomorrow instead.)

3 thoughts on “I wish I had some show + tell.

  1. Even more since I’m dating- if my boyfriend comes over to watch a movie, I’m not going to pull out a craft project in the middle. So I do homework when he’s busy and spend my time with him focused on doing something together.

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