Pretty food tastes better.

This was a very twenty-something weekend for me, complete with home-made sushi and Knocked Up. (Pretty good, on both accounts.)

It feels rather demographically stereotypical, but husband and I have decided that we really like sushi. He even likes it enough to watch some youtube videos, make a few trips to the store, and make some himself.

Making sushi...

And the results?

...And eating it.

Well, let’s just say that the brother who lived in Japan for a year gave it two thumbs up. :)


10 thoughts on “Pretty food tastes better.

  1. Lish, I saw your photos – looks like yours was a little more gourmet than ours. :)

    Marian, ours had some kind of tuna, cucumber, carrot, red and yellow peppers, and tiny pieces of fresh ginger. I picked up some new sauces and wasabi at the Korean market but they were in your car, so we haven’t gotten to try them yet. We should have a sushi party sometime…

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