Christmas at the Office.

(Speaking of which, what will The Office do about a Christmas episode this year? I hope they still have one…I’m a sucker for Christmas episodes. Who could ever forget the “year of the iPod”?)

One of the little joys of working in an office is figuring out what to get everybody for Christmas each year. In my situation there are 12 “office staff” (rather loosely defined, since a bunch of them work in a greenhouse), and I’m not very good at guessing what they like. Last year I gave out biscotti – which I love – that met with rather lukewarm praise. This year I decided to make vintage fabric/button pins for all the women after receiving a couple of compliments on the one I was wearing. I made a lot of pins + barettes last Christmas, but they involved hand-sewing and were rather ridiculously time-intensive for something so small and unassuming.

This year I went with the glue gun, baby.

Office gifts.

The new + improved model is made with vintage fabric scraps backed with interfacing, wool felt, and vintage buttons that conveniently had the backs knocked off of them. I don’t think they look all that bad without the hand-stitching, and I’m pretty sure that no one in my office will notice. There’s also a handmade ornament tucked inside each envelope (pics coming tomorrow), so all-in-all it was a very handmade affair.

Oh, and for the guys? A mini bottle of Johnny Walker Red in lieu of a pin.

Come to think of it, maybe I should have done that for everybody.


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