A Christmas star.

I forgot that I told a couple of people that I’d show them how to make one of these.

A Christmas star.

You can find a nice set of instructions here, which I found through a helpful comment left on this lovely post on design*sponge…next year I’ll have to make some simple modern ornaments as well.

I made 6 of these stars, so I’ll give you a little advice if you’re going to try them yourself: choose the right paper. Medium-size stars (about 8 in. across, like this one) are best made from lightweight scrapbooking or wrapping paper. Big stars need something stronger – like cardstock –  or they collapse. Really small ones are hard to make because you can’t fit your stapler inside them, so I’d start larger unless you want to do a lot of taping.

Another little trick is to find some wrapping paper you like instead of buying a bunch of loose sheets. I love all the Martha Stewart papers at Michael’s, but after doing a little math I found it was more cost-effective to buy a roll of wrapping paper (which is still not particularly cheap) than to get 6 individual sheets. And now I have enough left over to wrap some presents!


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