Ribbon garlands.

Whoah, what happened to the day? And is it really Friday already? (These are both good thoughts, by the way.) I lost most of my lunch to a loooong meeting, but I’ve got enough time to show you one last little Christmas decorating project, in case you’re feeling crafty this weekend.

This is based on the “everlasting garland” project in the December issue of Martha, and they’ve got nice instructions over there if you want details.

Ribbon Garland.

My twist was to hot glue some wires where the two ribbons meet so I could add ornaments. In addition to general festivity, the ornaments also help pull the ribbon down so it’s not so wavy – if you’re going to try this at home, I suggest using satin ribbon instead of grosgrain (for some reason the grosgrain just wont lie flat, even after ironing).

I put up ribbon + ornament garlands on all of the doorways leading from our living room, and I really love them. Simple, fairly cheap, and definitely handmade: now that’s my kind of decorating.

Have a good weekend, and happy crafting!

3 thoughts on “Ribbon garlands.

  1. I’ve been away for three weeks and I am just checking in. your decorations are great! as I scroll down I see so many good ideas. but even as enticing as it looks, I still think “stuff it” I just don’t have time this year. so I’ll just look at your pictures some more, okay? :)

    thanks for the glimpse


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