More Christmas-decorating cheer.

I meant to post yesterday but caught a bug and ended up languishing on the couch instead. I did summon the energy to go out with husband last night and return with a new computer (hoorah!), so I’ll make a proper introduction in a few days when she’s up and running.

So, back to the subject of Christmas decor. In the spirit of “you don’t have to make everything yourself,” I invested in a couple of holiday prints for the top of our cd shelf. The one on the right is from the Black Apple etsy store, and it’s called “A Scarf for Two.” I think of it as the happy emo couple, and I have to confess that I get some warm fuzzies when I look at it.

New Prints.

The one on the left is from Office, which I found via Design*Sponge. I really wanted something letterpress, and it has the most lovely texture. Makes you want to run your fingers over it.

New  Prints (detail).

I got another ah-maaaaazing print the other day as an early Christmas present from someone at work (at least, I think that’s what it was), but it’s not on the wall yet. Will show off after I bump some art around to make room.

I guess this last photo isn’t very Christmassy, except to show that I finally dug my old sheepskin out of mum’s cupboard and put it on the couch. (Yes, I feel a little bad for the sheep every time I lean back against it. But God did give her such lovely soft wool and I think she lived a happy life.)

 Living Room.

Bean approves of the current living-room arrangment and the sunlight that briefly and wonderfully poured through the window. I’m so rarely at home when the sun is shining that I want to soak it in every Saturday and Sunday. And Tuesday, if I happen to be sick.

More decoratin’ tomorrow!


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