Some Christmas-decorating cheer.

We still don’t have an internet-ready home computer, but I’m going to give blogging a try again anyway (maybe call it Jupiterbuttons Lite?) . I finished some Christmas decor projects over the weekend, so I think I’ll try showing one a day and hope I don’t run out of lunchtime.

I know you’ve seen the felt trees before, but I wanted to thank Molly for linking to my tutorial on the Momformation blog. I really like the other project (a twig star)…must find some twigs and someplace to hang one.

Fun with felt trees.

These trees got booted out of the dining room and into our apartment’s entryway, which I think is a much better place anyhow. Except that husband didn’t notice them at all and finally told me that he never looks at the entryway when he walks in the door. After I painted the walls a lovely yellow and everything? Hmph.


(The birch bark tubes are from Small Stump – I happened across them at just the right time, because they go fast on Etsy. I’m looking forward to trying to grow wheatgrass in them next spring.)

Still to come: new prints, a ribbon garland, and a special kind of advent calendar.


2 thoughts on “Some Christmas-decorating cheer.

  1. very nice paula. Your party was amazing and David loved the treats btw.

    Give me a call. I think we will have to change Friday to Sat. or next available night you all have. Sorry to change again! After Friday though any night. We are ready to celebrate;)

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