Quick notes on a grey Monday.

— We didn’t get a tree on Saturday because the only ones we could find were too big/fat. Artificial is a last-resort option, but not anybody’s favorite. Any suggestions for where to find a really skinny Christmas tree around here?

— I did manage to put up Christmas decorations: garlands in the doorways, snowflakes on the windows, a star in the entryway, and bows on the chandelier. I heart our apartment.

— We had a little blizzard yesterday afternoon, but it rained all night and now it’s gone. Amazing.

— Jan at Poppytalk is my hero. I sent in a Poppytalk Handmade submission that she never received, but when I emailed her about it today she said she’d let me in late. She is, like, my favorite person at the moment.

— Work is stressful. I have wanted to simultaneously cry and throw up all morning as I stare at my to-do list, and it doesn’t look like it’s gonna get a lot better.

Ah, Monday.

Update: Husband think our home laptop just died (or maybe just the monitor, but that’s still a pretty big/nonfixable problem). Egads, what is with this day? RIP, little Mac, but you could have chosen a better time.


7 thoughts on “Quick notes on a grey Monday.

  1. oh there is nothing wrong with artificial, honey. it’s the only way you can get those trees to come in pink.


    and i know upside down trees are rather trendy at the moment. but i saw some utterly fabulous ones at strange christmas boutique once. they decorated them with all kinds of alien droplets and sparkly/squishy/feathery doo-daws. it was great. this one isn’t near as good:

    but they are nice for small spaces. as for me, all i want is some pink tinsel. but i am afraid it cannot be found.

  2. you could try getting a permit and looking on moscow mountain. wild trees are a little less uniform unfortunately but they are usually a bit less dense (=thinner?) as well

    sorry about your horrible day. sounds aweful.

  3. Have you checked at Crossroads nursery? They make a point of getting skinny trees because so many people have asked for them. When we were there a little over a week ago, they had lots of skinny trees, but I’m not sure if there were any “short” ones. Just an idea.

    I had a little mac laptop go the way of the dinosaur a year ago (through no fault of its own, mind you). It was a very sad day. I’m sorry to hear about your little guy.

  4. Betsy, I’ll try Crossroads – thanks for the tip!

    The new laptop update is that the screen is definitely dead but the hard drive is okay. So the poor lil’ guy is definitely done for, but at least we didn’t lose all our stuff.


  5. Believe me, with my background, I am one happy camper to see that the hard drive is not at fault.

    Remember, always backup your data.

    Hopefully, to another hard drive.

    Uncle T

  6. Paula,

    This comment might be too late, but we like to get skinny trees for $5 with the forestry department permits, like Marian said. We buy permits at the gas station (Chevron? Across the street from the hospital) or at that weird wood place next to the antique mall. I am quite pleased with these pathetic Charlie Brown trees, because they are cute as heck, and really show off the ornaments. However, you might be looking for the more chic kind. I also heard that EVERY Idaho resident is entitled to a free tree yearly, though I never got the actual rules and info on how it works. Last year we go our tree in Bovill (long story, beautiful elk,) but this year I think we’re gonna do Moscow Mountain.


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