Happy little trees.

Did you ever watch Bob Ross and “The Joy of Painting”?

When I was about 10 years old, Bob Ross was my hero. Every time we went to grandma’s house I would channel flip until I found him, in all his afro’d glory, painting his mountains and lakes and barns. And trees, which he always referred to as “happy little trees.” He’d take his palette knife and his fan brush and–without using any reference photos–come up with what I thought were incredibly realistic leaves and branches. I was incredibly jealous of his painting ability.

When I got older I decided to have more discerning taste and poor Bob was deemed too kitschy. I still don’t disagree with that classification, but I have to say that at least he enjoyed what he was doing. I mean, if you had the choice between a depressed artist who plumbs the depths of his soul to create tortured masterpieces and cheerful Bob Ross, wouldn’t you rather be friends with Bob?

Anyhow, all that to say that I painted some happy little trees and a happy little bird the other day, and I found the process very satisfying. The original is now in the shop for $12, which I think is pretty affordable. ;)

The Little Forest.

I needed something happy because, quite frankly, this has been a very stressful week at work and there’s just no end in sight. Way too much to do + way too little time = lots and lots of stress. And it’s not just me, which makes the situation worse…I look around my office and every single person looks as though they’re doing as much as they possibly can, so I can’t really try to redistribute the work.

I’m also a little put out that two bloggers haven’t taken the time to respond to some emails I sent them. I was hoping one would write up a little shop feature before the holidays, but it looks as though that might not happen. Kinda disappointing.

Buy hey, we’re getting a Christmas tree tomorrow! And I’m going to put up lights and garlands and light candles to make our apartment smell like cranberries. So it’s going to get better, right?

Have a good weekend, all.


3 thoughts on “Happy little trees.

  1. Even I liked looking at Bob–I appreciate your comment. When you said tortured masterpieces, it makes me think of Francis Bacon…I love your animal zoo photo! I makes me happy to look at it, and to remember what inspired it!

  2. P-Bird,

    Miss you much. However, you know that I think of you, because I come, read, and post.

    I hope the tree turns out to be a good one, just like the one I picked up today.

    Uncle T

  3. We found a nice tiny tree at Rite Aid a couple years ago. Blessings on your search. Ben told me to read your blog the other day. I told him I knew it was there, but I always feel horribly humbled when I read it. Thanks for the inspiration!

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