New-Sew Felt Trees, Part 2.

We’re back! (And ready for round 2.)

Much to my relief, the finished trees turned out to be pretty cute. If you missed it, part one of the tutorial is here. The final steps are…

Step 4: Glue flat edges together so that they overlap.

New-Sew Trees 5.

This is definitely the trickiest part, as it can be difficult to match the edges up before the glue hardens. I found that it works best to start with the bottom, as it’s most important to line that part up. It also helps to glue in 3-4 inch sections if you’re working on a larger tree.

New-Sew Trees 6.

Edges don’t match? Not a problem! Just cut the extra off, being careful to leave the bottom as round as possible so the tree stands up straight.

Step 5: Stuff (if necessary).

New-Sew Trees 7.

Tall trees might need a little stuffing to keep the sides from buckling, but the short ones seem to do fine without it.

Step 6: Enjoy!

New-Sew Trees 8.

I spent a very happy half hour setting up little tableaus in our dining room and our entryway.

New-Sew Trees 9.

There are so many possibilities…see what you can come up with!


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