Illustration Friday: The Zoo.

I’m interrupting the felt trees tutorial because I set them aside last night to finish this week’s Illustration Friday theme: The Zoo.

It may seem strange that, when I thought about “the zoo,” monkeys and hippos weren’t the first things that came to mind. So you have to understand that when I was growing up my family had lots and lots of animals. Small animals, mind you – we weren’t horses-and-cows people, seeing as we lived in town. But what our animals lacked in size, they made up in quantity.

The Zoo

The pets shown are only a few of my favorites: our loyal family mutt, a selection of our dwarf hairy-footed hamsters, one of several hedgehogs, the boa constrictor that my brother found in the school parking lot, a few fish (Bert? Ernie?), the lovebirds that let out the loudest shrieks known to man, one of our budgies, and a lonely little finch.

Animals not shown include a lot of cute (but smelly) mice, more hamsters, a gecko, some anoles, all manner of tropical fish, more snakes, a few more budgies, and a little lady finch. Perhaps my siblings would like to chime in with some of the ones that I’m missing…? (And yes, my mum was very, very patient.)

I did the drawing from memory instead of using reference photos, which isn’t how I usually work, so I know that there are some inaccuracies. (The hedgehog isn’t actively biting anyone, for one.) But it seemed fitting to me that the Marston family zoo be depicted from the memories of a 12-year old child instead of reconstructing the animals from photographs.

And I had many, many fond memories to draw from.

P.S. The original drawing will go in the shop this afternoon.


13 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: The Zoo.

  1. Hey! You were already mentioned that’s why I couldn’t put you on the list. Same with Matt and many others. Not that, my list would send thousands of people your way anyway… But yeah, thanks for the pics, loved them and really wished I was there. It was great to talk to you all on Thanksgiving

  2. I really like this picture! I must say I have a bit of a preference for the hamsters and hedgepig.

    you missed the tarantula, walking sticks, cocroaches,-none of which would have looked nice in the picture- rabbits, and guinea pig

  3. thanks for sharing your memories. They remind me of my friend’s house – they used to have many animals too.
    As for the illustration, the hamsters are particularly cute :)

  4. Dear Sweetie, I would like to buy this–if it isn’t already sold. If it is, could I commission another one??? I can see each one of these animals with my mind’s eye.

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