Good mail.

The postman finally delivered my long-awaited giveaway from Little Orchard. Look what I got!

Presents from Little Orchard, part 1.

If you haven’t read Charlotte’s blog, Anknel and Burblets, you’re missing out. Her photos (and her baby!) are gorgeous, and I was really looking forward to getting the cards and putting them up in my craft room. Each image is so peaceful and lovely.

Presents from Little Orchard, part 2.

She also included some neroli + emerald face and body mist that smells delicious – I can’t think of anything quite like it. (If you’re in the US, don’t forget that Charlotte’s in New Zealand and that all prices are in NZ dollars.)

Thank you Charlotte – I don’t think I can bear to give any of it away!

Thank you all for the kind feedback about the new cards, by the way. I had a lot of trouble photographing them (they look kind of washed out, huh?) – I think I need to fiddle with the calibration on my Mac. I get photos to look fine at home, but when sneak a peak from the office I’m not as happy. Hmm, maybe it’s my work monitor that’s the problem. Or my camera. Anyhoo, the cards look a lot nicer in person than they do in my photographs and I hope that people can guess that.

In other random news, Thanksgiving is in the air over here. We’re leaving to drive to the Seattle area tomorrow and I can’t wait. I like Pullman + Moscow a lot, but it is just so nice to drive away sometimes. (It’s especially helpful when I’m on vacation, ’cause when I’m not in town there’s almost nothing to remind me of that big pile of work on my desk.) Hooray! Just a couple of days of driving, cooking, eating, and spending time with family.

My mum says that Thanksgiving is her favorite holiday because it comes without the stress of finding presents for everyone, which is a very good point. This year I decided to really try to decorate the table, but it’s nothing compared to wrapping a bunch of gifts. Believe it or not, I usually don’t plan ahead for these things: I pull out a tablecloth that afternoon, see what dishes are clean, and run around outside gathering leaves and branches. But this year I’ve got simple placemats, name cards, votives, napkins, and a few other details all planned out (thank you, Martha Stewart). I even went to the craft store last night and spent money on things that will only be used once. Gasp! Now you know I’m serious. I’m the kind who wanders around Michael’s for half an hour looking at all the ideas and muttering “I could make that myself,” and then never getting around to it. But not this time…this time I’ve got a plan. Will post some photos Thursday evening for the family who can’t be there.

Oh, it snowed again this morning – lovely, lovely flakes that filled the tree branches with white but melted on the pavement. It was strange and beautiful to have the ground look normal (albeit wet) and the sky full of white as I walked to the bus this morning. Almost winter!


4 thoughts on “Good mail.

  1. oh goodie! yes – I did take my time a bit in sending it to you didn’t I? After going away and then one thing or another! And then I had no labels for the face mist – and then it turned out I did!

    But the good news is I sent the others economy air and theirs have all only just arrived too.

    I am so glad you like everything. Hooray :)

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