Busy like a bee.

Saturday turned out to be a very busy day at the Gibbs apartment. Husband filled out a job app and did schoolwork, and I packaged lots of cards.

Quail cards.

and lots,
Quail cards.

and lots,
Sparrow cards.

of cards.
Sparrow cards.

(And took photos, obviously.)

Yup, the envelopes finally arrived for my quail and sparrow notecard sets, so I’ve added them to the shop. They make great hostess gifts for all of those holiday parties, hint hint.

Holiday tags.

I also added this little photo to my holiday card sets to show the gift tags that I include with every order. The little cardinal is especially cute – he looks like a little Christmas bandit who might just steal your presents when you’re not looking.

After I finished my flurry of hole-punching, ribbon-cutting, packaging, and photo-taking, I came to the kind of depressing realization that it takes a long time to get my orders ready to go out the door. So much time that I didn’t get to draw or paint anything new. This didn’t seem very distressing on Saturday because I really like all the little organizational details and had a great time putting card sets in plastic sleeves, but at the end of the day I didn’t end up with enough time make art. Saddoes.

Okay, that’s enough Etsy-talk for a while. Sick of hearing about my shop yet? Must be time for my only real piece of news for the day…


Flakes started drifting down yesterday morning, but they didn’t look like they’d stick around for very long. So I was shocked when I peeked between the curtains this morning and found a nice half-inch blanket of white over our car. It’s not very much (to the disappointment of every local school child), but it’s white! And it’s wintery!

Time to break out the JJ72.


5 thoughts on “Busy like a bee.

  1. You don’t know me, but I love your blog and I love how creative you are! When I was in Moscow a couple weeks ago, I picked up 10 of your note cards from Ball and Cross. They are so wonderful that I don’t know if I will be able to part with them. Anything with birds captures my heart…

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