Meet Milly.

Dollies in a row.

And Molly.
And Marta.
And Manda.
And Madeleine.

These little ladies are the last in a line of Handmaid dolls that I began a year ago as a packaging/promotion project for a university class.

Molly says hello.

My patterns have changed a little since the first two, but they still have  handstitched details, embroidered faces, and crooked little smiles. Oh, and the dresses are still reversible, too (Milly’s dress reverses to Molly’s, Manda’s reverses to Marta’s, etc.).

Dress details.

I made an effort not to include any buttons or embellishments that can fall off and get swallowed, so these dollies should be appropriate for smaller babes. (Although, as always, it would be a good idea to make sure that baby isn’t chewing off dolly’s arm.)

Best friends.

Each of them is spoken for except for Milly. I thought about keeping her for my future babies, but I think that when the time comes I will be perfectly happy to support another seamstress and buy a new handmade doll. So, Milly is currently for sale for $40 + shipping…leave a comment below if you want to give her a new home.

I don’t plan to make these again, which will (undoubtedly) make me a little sad when I put them in the mail. I love you, dollies, but you took a lot of time to make and caused your fair share of stress and frustration.

You’ll just have to find new friends and sisters elsewhere.


5 thoughts on “Meet Milly.

  1. Lovely. Simply lovely. I think little miss Rylie would LOVE to have Milly for her first Christmas. If she’s still available, please let her be mine. You may send me a PayPal invoice at katiemulderATgmailDOTcom. If she’s spoken for, well, boo but tha’s just fine.

    When it comes time for you to buy a doll for your very own, might I suggest the Q’ewar fari trade project? Just simply wonderful dolls with a wonderful story and so unique. I just received one in the mail for Ry’s 1st birthday… so very happy. []

  2. Hi Paula,
    Your names so reminded me of the names that I named the dolls I made for my children, only I went with rhyming, (Polly, Molly, and Wally – Kyle felt left out when I made one for each of the girls and not him, so I had to make a boy doll too, not that he would ever admit it now). Congratulations on a job well done. The cards look beautiful too.

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