Another yawner of a craft fair.

I just realized that it’s been almost a week since my last post…whoops. Didn’t mean to neglect the poor little blog like that. I got busy toward the end of last week with work (i.e. “that which pays the bills”) and miscellaneous for the Saturday craft fair in Uniontown. I guess I’d might as well get the bad news over with: the craft fair just wasn’t that great. The photo below shows Abby and Liz sitting at our really cute table.

Holiday Gala at the Dahmen Barn.

It was rather dark inside the barn, so I’m afraid that all of my pics turned out pretty blurry (including this one). So it might be hard to convince you that our table was indeed very adorable, a fact that was obviously overlooked by all the people who didn’t buy anything from us.

Husband told me that I need to remember this feeling the next time I’m tempted to sign up for a local craft fair. Lots of printing + a couple of evenings of prep +  a day of sitting around watching people reject your stuff = kind of depressing.  (Note: time spent with Abby and Liz is excluded from this equation.) Etsy, you are officially waaayyy better than any craft fair at this point.

The other reason that I haven’t been posting as much is that my sleep schedule has been pretty wacko ever since the time change. Is anyone else having trouble with this? I don’t think my body likes being told that it should now fall asleep and wake up at different times: I spent about four nights lying in bed for hours, waking up at 3, and then waking up again at 5:30 am. I finally crashed over the weekend and slept in till 7:30, but yesterday I woke up at 4:30 and today I’ve got a splitting headache. Suggestions, anybody??

[The dolls are finally finished, so I come back tomorrow for photos of lots of cheerful, handsewn cuteness. If you ordered one from me, I’ll be emailing you your PayPal invoice in the next day or two.]


4 thoughts on “Another yawner of a craft fair.

  1. I totally agree. What is it with some of these shows… where you have a super cute table and fantastic display but the woman across from you selling airbrushed glass with glued on marbles makes a killing while you read a book all day? It’s so strange. My husband says the same thing, “Remember this feeling.”

    You have many fans out there!

  2. So sorry the craft fair didn’t go well.
    Do you drink chamomile tea? It’d probably help you relax and sleep a little better. Also, lavender and chamomile essential oils are great (and smell heavenly).
    And don’t forget the motrin. :-) Hope you feel better!

  3. I also am sorry to hear the craft fair was a disappointment. Your table would be much more interesting than the tacky jewelry one! (To me, at least).
    I second Erin’s recommendation of an herbal tea to relax before bed. Sleepy time tea is good as well as chamomile.

  4. hi

    i have tried a few craft fairs that were a total disappointment

    the only one we do now is more alternative and artistic… all the young art students, the free thinkers, and the young boho families come by to get gifts for themselves and others. they are already after something different

    I think there is a distinction, local craft fairs that are ‘artsy fartsy’ hobby lobby type events should be kept in quarantine. you are wise to stay away from those from now own, they only bring you down.

    Your stuff is totally great, its just that massive amounts of people have bad taste (shock horror, yes its a mean thing to say but lets be honest, its true)

    glad you had fun with your friend in spite of it :)


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