Illustration Friday: Hats

Mrs. Bluebird felt a little drab standing next to her husband, so she put on her nice orange hat. But then he found that old straw hat at the bottom of the closet (the one she’d been planning to give away) and popped it on with a twinkle in his eye.


As you might guess, she was faintly annoyed.


15 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Hats

  1. he does have a twinkle. this illustration is great. and this is one of the reasons I love the internet. when somebody starts one of those ” internet is a waste of time” (used to be TV) conversations, I’ll remember this. and have a twinkle in my eye.

  2. Now that is a cute couple. You do capture their expressions perfectly. Something that I really love about your style is how the birds are so life-like, but transmit these playful, human-like like feelings. Their eyes, especially are so expressive.

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