Still in progress.

Well, I didn’t manage to finish the dollies last weekend. But at least they have bodies now! (The pile of small arms and legs and heads on the table was starting to look a bit gruesome.)

Dolly heads.

I’ve also finished sewing their reversible dresses, but I still need to turn them inside out – not so easy with the really small parts – and handsew the sides. Mm, handsewing. I don’t dislike handsewing at all, but it takes so stinking long. In fact, it’s probably what led to my never-again resolution when it comes to doll-making (or at least never-to-sell). These little ladies have taken a pretty astonishing amount of time so far, so I am very happy that the end is in sight.

Dolly feet.

I’m also trying to squeeze in the Illustration Friday topic for the week (“hats”) because an idea immediately came to mind, so there will be some art in addition to sewing. And my holiday cards should be here any day now and will need to be packaged and photographed. And then there are signs and bags and other miscellaneous to be made for the craft fair on Saturday.

Aack! This is starting to sound like a lot. :( I guess there’s plenty to do this week.


3 thoughts on “Still in progress.

  1. Whoa, I better not let Evelyn see that or she would say she needs to have them aaaaaaaaaaaaalllll! Mama, moooreee Avas!

    We named the doll Ava, by the way. But she calls it Ava, as in, Ava Maria. Go figure.

  2. These are gorgeous. I actually like them just as is. But I can’t wait to see what they look like finished too! I posted a couple of your prints on my blog for people to see with a link to your shop. Can’t wait to see more. –alyssa

  3. Very nice. They look very old-timey. They also look like dolls that can develop their own personality, instead of being bought with one!

    Handsewing can take an awfully long time. I do all my big quilts by hand, which takes months. But for smaller things it’s not so bad.

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