Some Friday farm animals.

Many thanks to everyone who has chimed in for the Alphabirdybet print giveaway (don’t forget that you can leave a comment till midnight tonight!). Giving stuff away is so much fun. I wish I could afford to do it all the time.

It seems that I forgot to keep posting old work this week, but I’m tossing one last piece in since it’s one of my favorites. The drawings are based on a book of rare farm animals that I found at the RISD library. I kept the book for weeks because the photos were so great and the animals had the best faces + figures.

Farm animals.

I tried making a small run of cards with the sheep, cow, and pig images on the front a few years ago. I thought they were really cute, but it turns that that it takes a special person to give a card with a pig on it (and probably another special person to receive it without offense). It was a nice idea, though, right?

[Speaking of animals, someone found my blog today while searching for “fish poop.” ???]

I hoped that my new holiday cards would arrive today so I can post them in the shop on Monday, but I don’t think they’ve even been shipped yet. I love my printer, but I think that every successive order has taken longer and longer to arrive. Must. Have. More. Patience.

I didn’t get a whole lot of sewing done this week so that’s my plan for tomorrow. Lots and lots of sewing. I’ve decided that hand-basting will save me a lot of ripping out in the end, but it adds a lot of time at the beginning. I hope you have a good weekend working on your own projects!

(And don’t forget that I’ll announce the winner of the giveaway tomorrow afternoon..)

2 thoughts on “Some Friday farm animals.

  1. I was looking at your old work in the archives today (that searcher wasn’t me- I have you in my bloglines).

    I love so much of your stuff. all those dogs on the bench- that’s so great.

    that pig- bottom right- its just a sweetheart. ever since I read Charlotte’s Web, I have a big soft spot for pigs. there’s a character on All Creatures Great and Small (old BBC series- you know it?) who loves pigs. that’s a great old show.

  2. Paula-

    I would buy your pig cards in a second, but then, I am the kind of person who might unwittingly offend someone by giving them such a card.
    Very cute.

    Do you have any of those old pigs cards lying around?

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