Has it really been a year?

I realized this morning that I neatly skipped over my one-year blogiversary, which was on Sunday. 164 posts, 411 comments, and 23,885 views later, I’m still here. And you’re still reading. Wow.

In honor of the fact that you’ve been encouraging and patient with me for an entire year, I’m going to have a little giveaway. (Yay, I love giveaways!) I’m giving away five Alphabirdybet letters of your choice, which I will happily package and send to you for free. And if you want to take this opportunity to add a few more letters or a print from le shoppe, I won’t charge you shipping for those either.

If this sounds good to you, leave a little comment below. You have until midnight this Friday, November 2.

Thanks for tuning in. :)

[Whoops, Diane reminded me that I forgot a few key details. I will put your names in a lovely knitted hat on Saturday and announce the winner that afternoon. ]


26 thoughts on “Has it really been a year?

  1. Paula,
    You are too, too good. I have drooled over the letters and wanted the whole poster (but wondered if I should wait until I have a “children’s” room to put it up in). The only thing harder than selling your own creations is giving them away (I’ve done both). The only problem I would have is which letters!! Maybe one for each of my kids and and M for McGarry. You didn’t mention how you would decide who gets them. Don’t bother shipping, if I win, I will come pick them up. Congratulations on keeping it up for a whole year. BTW, I am really glad you are getting back to your art.

  2. I like giveaways, too. not everybody does, I’ve come to find out. but, me, I love ’em!

    congratulations on a full year of blogging. I did just find your blog- through a giveaway you entered. so, there’s another reason to love giveaways.

    you are most generous.

  3. Good job you added the ‘out of a hat’ you might have had a mob of angry bloggers! I would love to go in the draw for some birdie letters.
    Congratulations on making it through a whole year!

  4. Happy Anniversary!
    I love your site. I am still drooling over your Bigfoot and Birdy painting as I write this. I would so love to be included in your drawing. Thank you!

  5. I subscribe to your blog through your RSS feed so I didn’t notice your banner change. I like it, it’s very creative.

    Everytime I see your Alphabirdybet letters I think that JiaJia would love them. Maybe I’ll get some on the cheep. ;)

  6. yes, it was considerate of you to save your giveaway for you regular viewers. and i don’t imagine it would have crossed my mind. that is why we like you, you’re nice. come by and take my jane austin quiz, i want to see if you are marianne dashwood. :)

  7. Love to see your work. :-) Would enjoy having the alpahbet cards. Just found a splendid quilt in an alphabet theme that I’m thinking of for our new littl one.


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