B is for Baby.

…Blinking in the sun.

B is for Baby.

This is from an early alphabet series that didn’t get any farther than B (I do seem like the alphabet, don’t I?). The medium is acrylic + acrylic glaze, which is something I discovered around that time. It makes your plastic paint act a lot more like oil paint without the mess…not a bad thing.

I got some good news at the end of last week that I forgot to share: the Sing & Shout Crafts girls will have a table at the Holiday Gala at the Dahmen Barn! The barn is in Uniontown, WA, and was converted a few years ago into artist studios and a little gallery of sorts. I went to the gala last year and had a really good time, but this year they decided that vendors could only participate on Saturday and Sunday. Argh. But then they changed their minds and let us participate on Saturday only, which will be tons of fun!

I was rather sad when I thought that I wouldn’t get to be in even one token holiday craft fair this year. Holiday craft fairs are so much more fun than those at other times of the year – they smell like candles and peppermint soap, people actually want to buy things, and someone always puts Christmas music on in the background. Mm, I can’t wait.

(If you want to stop by, we’ll be at the Barn on Saturday, November 10, from 9 am till 5 pm. I think that the Idaho-Washington Choir will be singing carols for part of the day and there should be cider, etc. Come say hello!)


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