And the leaves came tumbling down.

I still love fall very dearly, but I’ve recently come to think that there’s something rather melancholic about the way the leaves drift from the trees to the ground. The tree in our backyard had two or three weeks of autumn gorgeousness that left our backyard swathed in crunchy leaves. But now the branches are bare, and they will be until April. Why do leaves take so long to grow and so little time to turn pretty colors and fall down?

Backyard leaves.

I’ve decided to take a little break from drawing this weekend and next week because I really need to get some sewing done. To everyone who placed an order for a doll: I haven’t forgotten you! I’m going to try to finish all of them within the next week or two, depending on how badly I’ve miscalculated the amount of time it will take. I want the dolls to arrive in time for Christmas as much as you do. :)

Curled leaf (old work).

So while I’m doing all that boring sewing, I’ve decided to post a couple of student pieces from my studies at RISD. I spent two years in Providence, RI, getting certificates in children’s book illustration and natural science illustration, so the paintings and drawings I post here are older (i.e. from 3 or 4 years ago) and pretty varied. I don’t post old work very often because I used my student time to experiment with some different techniques and styles, and as a result I feel as though I was kind of all over the place.

But why not, eh?

Oak leaf (old work).

In honor of autumn leaves, I’m putting up these two pieces from a natural science illustration course in which we focussed on drawing techniques. The top piece is in pencil and the lower one is ink on vellum. (The particular technique I used is called stippling, which uses lots and lots of dots to create shading. It’s a tad time-consuming, as you might imagine.) 

Any other artists want to join me in a little “blast from the past”?? If so, leave a comment below…

Oh, I almost forgot that the very kind and helpful Dottyral put up a little blog post about my shop. Dotty’s been awfully helpful and patient with my newbie questions, and if you’re in the market for a pincushion, her shop would be a great place to start.

Happy Friday, all.


6 thoughts on “And the leaves came tumbling down.

  1. those are lovely drawings.

    my husband is an artist. I’m going to encourage him to do something for Illustration Friday.

    is the first year you’ve found autumn to be melancholic? I think I’ve always felt that. not overwhelming, or uppermost, but it’s a definite current in the air…just part of the season.

  2. nice leaf studies. I can relate with you about work from art school, I have tons of it gathering dust and I even left some stuff behind when I moved to NZ.
    those techniques learned are priceless though :)


  3. I just found you through etsy and I am so delighted! Your alphabet series is so wonderful, it makes me want to do one of my own once I have time :) I look forward to reading more posts from you!

  4. I love both the drawings, but being a huge fan of stippling, I have to confess a preference for the oak leaf. I do a lot of stippling in my landscape plans and I love the depth and texture it brings, despite being quite tedious for everyone else in the room who has to listen to me doing it!

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