Monster Mash: Bigfoot and the Birdy.

Thanks for the craft room love, all! It still thrills my heart when I walk down the back hallway, peek inside, and don’t see heaps and heaps of stuff.

I finished a little painting last night that’s my entry for Penelope Dullaghan’s Monster Mash contest. I don’t think it’s a winner, but it was a fun project. I did it in lieu of this week’s Illustration Friday topic, so I’m still finishing a painting a week (right?).

Bigfoot and the Birdy.

This painting is titled “Bigfoot and the Birdy” and it’s a tribute to all those times that you wanted to be just a little bit indimidating but were completely undone by your brother/coworker/spouse/2-year old and ended up feeling like this.

It’s hard to be a big, scary bigfoot when a little birdy comes along and roosts on your head.


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