Now that’s better.

Hey, remember that little craft room clean-up I started a while back? I’ve decided that it’s done enough to share, although still not really a thing of beauty. If you’ll take a second to look at the old photos (wince), you’ll appreciate how much stuff I got rid of. Lots and lots of stuff. I took a pretty ruthless look around the room and sorted out (1) things to keep, (2) things to give away, and (3) things to finish immediately so they’re not just sitting around. I tend to accumulate a lot of future projects, so it was a little tough to distinguish between (2) and (3). A lot of future pillowcases went to the Goodwill, but I also painted a frame and a few other odd pieces that I’d had kicking around for a long time.

I’ll start with the view to the right since it’s still not that pretty and I want to get it out of the way.

Craft room entrance (right).

Lots of shipping supplies = lots of boxes, obviously. Sigh. But at least everything is easy to find.

Craft room wall.

The view to the left is what makes me much, much happier. Isn’t that cozy-looking?

Craft room entrance (left).

The desk was my great-grandmother’s, and I love sitting down at it and wondering what she use to do there. Sew? Paint? Write letters?

Craft room desk.

This little bookshelf holds some of my extensive collection of photo albums and sewing books. [Does anyone else have trouble figuring out what to do with all the photos you’ve collected over the years? Which are really heavy and take up lots of space??] I found the wine-bottle crate out by our trash bin and decided it was perfect for organizing my prints and cello sleeves.

Craft room bookshelf.

This little shelf was an old craft fair prop that I almost had to give away because I couldn’t find a home for it. But then I realized that it had loops and could be hung on the wall. It’s very classic-vintage looking, and I was sad when I thought I might have to give it away.

Craft room display.

My fabric collection is now greatly reduced. It was hard to part with such a large part of my stash, but the happy thing is that all the pieces I own now are my favorites. Gone are the only-okay, might-be-useful-someday, and just-the-wrong-colors pieces. Hello, everything I really like.

Craft room shelves.

In the end, de-cluttering was totally worth it and I’ll probably want to go through the whole process again in another year or so. I still wish I had the time to paint, but my little Ikea lamps are doing their best to make the place look less dingy and more inviting. I’m also happy about the fact that I was able to package a new order this morning in about 5 minutes and have it ready to go for my lunchtime post office visit. Success!!

Woh, sorry about the photo problems. WordPress hiccupped mid-post, but I think we’re up and running now. Sorry if you stopped by while things were looking really weird.


6 thoughts on “Now that’s better.

  1. you’re making me feel really guilty here. my sewing cupboards are kind of blocked off by my ironing board and sewing machine. lately i’ve just been weaseling the doors open enough to chuck something in, and then closing them real fast before whatever it was, falls out. bad tactic. so good for you (brave girl). and where did you get the neat thread rack? the one’s i’ve spied at joanne’s seemed kind of wimpy.

  2. I love the apple (?) pen holder on the desk. ^_^

    Cleaning like that always makes me breathe easier! It’s amazing how clutter climbs up your spine. Hooray for clean and organized craft rooms! ^_^

  3. Although your craft room never bothered me, I have to say just seeing it made me breath a sigh of relief. Good Job, Paula. I know its not easy! Will miss you Wednesday. Having a great time with Mom and look forward to seeing you next week.:)

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