A little Friday tour.

I love blogging on Fridays. Thinking about the weekend puts me in a very good mood, and time seems to pass more quickly on Fridays anyhow. Today I got to spend the world’s fastest hour snapping a few more stock photos for a work brochure, so instead of showing you the new mailing labels I made yesterday (they make my Etsy packages look so cute!) I’m going to take you on a little tour of my office plants.

(Cut me a little slack, it’s been a busy week.)

Office vine.

First we have the vine affectionately known as the “Chinese restaurant plant.” (It was given to me by a coworker who didn’t know the scientific name and said that was the only place she’d ever seen one before.) This plant seems to grow a foot every few weeks and is very hardy. Highly recommended for non-plant people like myself.

African Violet.

Next, we have the only African violet I have ever managed not to kill. Some fortunate combination of the right amount of sun and once-a-week watering has made it grow and bloom profusely for the last two years. Wish I knew what I was doing right so I could replicate it at home.

Office plant.

Finally, we have another mystery plant. This poor little guy is actually a bit sickly but he’s growing against a nice white wall next to the window and was very photogenic. So I’m not going to show you the yellow leaves.

I’ve got a few more office plants growing in the darker corners, but these three were the only brochure-worthy ones. I also grabbed my collection of interesting-leaves-I-found-on-my-way-to-work and stuck them on a white sheet of paper. These ones got a little dry and crackly overnight, but the colors were still vivid.

Dry leaves.

The building next to mine has a gingko tree out front and the leaves are so amazing. They have such a pleasantly simple shape that I have to stop and pick up a handful every time I walk by, which is probably amusing to the college students and people working in the offices inside (there’s that leaf-collecting girl again).


Man, fall is so great. I walked to the post office earlier to mail an Etsy package and experienced the most wonderful combination of warm coat + cold wind + leaves blowing in herds across the street + Jose Gonzalez in my ears. I’ve decided not to blame the Idaho autumns for not being as gorgeous as the Rhode Island autumns and just enjoy all the color I can get. Things are much more yellow over here, but yellow’s not a bad subsitute for the color-by-Technicolor oranges and reds I saw in New England.

‘Nuff rambling. I hope you have a lovely, leaf-filled weekend!

Oh, in case you’re interested, all these photos were taken with a borrowed Canon EOS 10D and a lensbaby.


5 thoughts on “A little Friday tour.

  1. I really like these, Paula. Were you using the other camera? Let me know if you need me to send the e-mail about Elise again. take care

  2. Getting African violets to bloom is a mystery for me, too! I have a great aunt who has a window-seat full of gorgeous, constant blooming ones, which I covet. My sister and I think it must be the right light–we noticed in the College of Ed library in Cleveland that they have a TON of thriving ones. And they sat directly under strong (but artificial) light. What kind of light is in your office? Hmm… this motivates me to try again for the umpteenth time … :-D

  3. Hi, Paula! I happened on your blog today, can’t remember exactly how, but anyway, found myself here, reading this and the last few months of your posts. So, August was a long time ago (https://jupiterbuttons.wordpress.com/2007/08/22/sadly-delinquent/), but are you still looking for the name of Heather Bailey’s sister-in-law? Can’t say that I’m her, but am wondering if this may be the person you were looking for: http://lauragunn.typepad.com/paintinmyhair. There’s an Etsy shop listed in her sidebar. Anyway. I hope that’s her and I hope this helps.

    You are doing lovely work here.

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