Illustration Friday: Extremes

This time I made it with a whole day to spare…


The small dog was originally going to be a chihuahua, but a quick internet search revealed that great dane + chihuahua is a pretty common image. So I used my little Bean instead. I pointed her portrait out to her, but she was unimpressed. :) Yes, she is that fat. And she does get that look from time to time.

This painting will be going in le shoppe later today. One of my Etsy goals is to have some originals for sale, and I don’t plan to make prints of this one.

Thanks again for all your kind comments lately, by the way – you all have been so encouraging!


14 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Extremes

  1. Your little Bean looks like the canine version of my Cleo. Is Bean irritable? Because if so, they could be fat and irritable together. Cleo does irritable very well.

  2. Hi Paula,

    I would like to write about your work in my blog. And since a blogpost is nicer with pictures, I would like to ask for permission to use one of your drawings on my blog.

    (Oh – and looking at your work makes me think I need to try drawing myself!)


  3. this is great! I love your drawings.

    congratulations on your Etsy shop and on the write up on Apartment Therapy.

    I saw your comment at Susan’s- something like,”this is what I get for my resolution to surf the net less”, and it made me laugh so hard I had to come and look at your blog.

    I’m rooting for you! hope you win.

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