Business misc.

It’s great to have a real online shop and all, but I have to admit that the moment that I really felt like I was in business came when I opened my box from Overnight Prints.

Business cards.

Yay, I have business cards! These do have a very light blue background on top (remember that discussion?), but you can hardly see it. I’m still figuring out the whole what-you-send-to-the-printer vs. what-you-get thing. Everything I send to my on-campus printer comes back darker than expected, while this was quite a bit lighter. Hmm.

Etsy thank you tags.

I also got a batch of gift tags that I’m going to use when buyers request gift wrap (it’s free!). I’ve got some pretty red and white striped paper to go with these…seems like red, white and blue are becoming a bit of a theme. Not exactly my top color combo, but if I keep the blue light then hopefully it won’t seem too 4th of July-ish.

Speaking of packaging, a seminar speaker visiting from Japan gave me the most beautifully-wrapped box this morning. It’s full of little sculptures that I think are candies (with my luck, I’ll take a bite and find out that it’s soap or something). This is how to wrap packages, people.

Japanese candies.

[Edit: I took a bite and they are candy.]

In other news, since I am wearing a merino sweater, skirt, and mildly uncomfortable boots today, I naturally ended up running for the bus. You know, it seems to me like a smart bus driver should occasionally glance in the rear-view mirror in case there’s an oncoming vehicle, police car, or girl across the street who is jumping up and down and waving her arms. I ended up running to the next stop and providing entertainment for an awful lot of people along the way, but it’s still not my idea of the best way to start the day.

4 thoughts on “Business misc.

  1. Even worse is when you get a proof, approve it, and the final product is much darker or lighter. There’s always going to be some variation, even within a run, but it’s so disappointing when you were sure something was going to be perfect, and it just isn’t.

  2. hey there,
    thanks for stopping by our blog and giving us those oh so kind words about our esty shop!

    I love your new business cards!

    I think we have some things in common…. the love of craft and illustration (though I don’t write much about illustration on my blog)

    I will be keeping us with your blog now. :)


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