Illustration Friday: Open.

So I finally managed to finish the Illustration Friday topic on time – major accomplishment!

This week’s topic was “open.”


I asked husband for the idea, which was a really fun way to approach the assignment. I can’t say as it’s my best work, but I’m settling for “done on time” vs. “done to perfection” (some of you might remember that the Alphabirdybet started out as an Illustration Friday project that took way too long).

The memorial service for my co-worker will be on Saturday, so the shop will still be opening tomorrow. Thank you for all of your prayers and wishes – I think that things are going as well as possible for the people in his lab, and the office staff has begun smiling again.

Check back tomorrow around 11 or 12 for a shop update…


2 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Open.

  1. yeah! you got it done on time!

    I signed up for illustration friday in late august and have yet to complete one on time.

    Good concept… mothers must always be “open’ for business


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