Friday afternoon, and I’m ready to go home.

I was going to title this post “Weekend, please,” but I found that I’ve used it before. Evidently I’m not very creative with the ol’ post titles.

I almost took a photo of my craft room last night because it’s been looking so much better, but I haven’t gotten any of my shipping supplies yet. I feel as though it hasn’t been tested until I find out whether or not I can (neatly) fit all my Etsy stuff in it, so I’ll save the final revelation until that happens.

Craft room progress.

(Don’t you love the turquoise floor??)

There are 2 hours and 5 minutes left until I get to go home. No, I’m not obsessive. Just happy that the week is over.

Wishing you a happy weekend, too. :)

ADDENDUM: Just in case you, like myself, are pretty caught up on your work and don’t want to begin something new because it’s Friday….try taking this quiz. Um, it told me that I’m half Pam and half Dwight. That’s disgusting, but maybe you’ll have better luck.


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