De-cluttering, part 2.

I had a nice post planned for today that was all about thrifting and materialism and stuff like that, but I got massively derailed during lunchbreak when I placed the order for my Etsy shipping supplies. Somehow, it had not occurred to me that 100+ cardboard mailers probably weigh a lot and (subsequently) cost an outrageous sum to be shipped to me. I had a little is the decimal in the wrong place? moment when I calculated shipping on my first order and ended up settling for slightly more expensive mailers with slightly cheaper S+H. I find it so ironic that I am paying lots of money to have things sent to me that I will then turn around and send to other people.

This whole Etsy thing had better work, folks.

Okay, rant out of the way. You want to see the fabric, right? Given my time shortage, I’m going to keep this short: All the fabric in the photos below is up for grabs, for free (unless you want to donate to my setting-up-an-Etsy-shop fund). If you want some, leave a comment below describing it as well as you can so people know what’s taken. Sorry about the grainy photos, and remember that the colors on the monitor may not be true to life. Also, I can’t vouch for fabric content on any of this stuff but if you leave me a note I’ll give you my best guess.

Locals: it would be very helpful if you could come by my house next Saturday or Sunday afternoon to pick your fabric up. I’ll email you to arrange a time.

Non-locals: Er, this is more complicated. If you want some fabric, I guess I’ll send you a PayPal invoice for the shipping. That would be good practice for me and means that we won’t have to mess with checks and stuff.

Paula’s Fabric Fest will close on Friday at 5:00 pm.

[ANOTHER UPDATE: I think I’m going to shut it down now to keep things from getting more complicated. Thanks for participating! This will probably happen again in the future when I decide that I don’t need the pieces I kep…

I’ve marked off the pieces that have been taken: Mavis is yellow, Meg is green, and Lauri is magenta.]

SMALL PIECES (roughly 6×6 inches to 12×18 inches)





MEDIUM PIECES (roughly 1/2 yard – 2 yards)


From top: barkcloth scraps, wool pieces (cut out for a pattern and never sewn), polyester doubleknit, knit, and 2 curtains with an off-white and beige print


From top: Wal-mart twin sheet, large piece of striped cotton, 2 kinds of all-cotton pillowcases, and misc vintage cotton/poly sheets (a couple of them have been cut into)



7 thoughts on “De-cluttering, part 2.

  1. pink polka dots, baby. love those sheets. and under specialty fabrics, the boy waving down the airplane and the romantic couple under the arbor conceiving sweet nothings (i could be wrong about that one, they could be under age 11). brown polka dots, yellow stripes. bottom picture under “small pieces” – the red polka dots and the white with strange red polka-ish things. oh yes, and under the questionably lascivious boy and girl, the pink and green, ornate looking fabric. and i do like the blue cornflowers with the green and brown flowers, too. i can’t resist. thanks.

  2. Ok I could not resist the free fabric offer. You can send me a paypal invoice for the shipping. Send me an email on felicia [dot] singkang [at] gmail [dot] com. Thank you so much. I wouldnt mind doing a swap with you. :)

  3. Okay, I don’t really need more fabric, but I really like the blue ones in the top photo with the brown and white dots. And is there one with black scribbles on a white background? In the third picture I like the flowers third up from the bottom- like a red poppy, and the bottom plaid (but that looks really big and heavy…). What texture is the green solid under medium pieces? If it’s a woven I could use that too. Paypal for shipping is fine! And I’m excited to see how etsy works for you – it’s on the list of things I’d love to do, but it’s so much to think of all of the shipping materials and everything, because if I do it I definitely want to do it right.

  4. Way to go Paula! I’m impressed with your ability to part with your fabric and to cleanse. Hope it goes well. See you tonight.

  5. Yippee! I typed this up and would love anything that you still have available + would be happy to pay for shipping. I think they are all from the small sizes:

    first photo
    1. the bright floral with black background on the top of the first stack
    2. the yellow polka dots right under it.
    3. the small green floral on white? cream?
    4. the teal with green? pattern

    second photo
    1. brown and green patterned something? can’t tell, it’s in the middle
    2. the mod floral on the bottom of the stack

    third photo
    1. the orange, brown and pink retro floral

  6. this is yellow here. can you scratch the bottom red (small misunderstanding) and if the blue/green/brown flowers in the third picture down are still available, can you mark those up for me. paypal is fine, i know we have one somewhere…

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