De-cluttering, part 1.

[Warning: Ugly photos ahead!]

The weekend really sped by, didn’t it? The days were very nice and fall-ish, but they went by much too quickly. I did a lot of computer work and got started on my craft room project but ran out of time before completely finishing either.

Soooo, the craft room. There’s a reason that I haven’t posted any nice “corners of my home”-esque photos of this particular room, namely that it’s just not very scenic. That in itself might not bother me enough to fix it, but it has also become less and less useable as it becomes the repository for more and more stuff.

Let’s take a little tour, shall we?

This is the sight that assaults your eyes when walking down our back hallway.


This is when you look left,


and this is when you look right.



These pics convey the general dinginess of the room (and no, I don’t have time to paint it), but they don’t really do justice to the heaps and piles. Heaps and piles are bad because I am trying to prepare for some shipments of prints and packaging supplies, and there’s just no way that all that stuff is going to fit in this little room.

After spending some time looking around in dismay, I decided that what the room need was a touch of Martha.*

*It seems to me that Martha-izing a space usually involves getting rid of 90% of an average person’s belongings and replacing the rest with something elegantly expensive. This is beyond my willpower and budget, hence a “touch” only.

One of the first and most obvious clutter culprits is my ever-growing vintage fabric stash. While it was initially painful to think of parting with any of it, I decided in the end that it would have some good repercussions. For one thing, at the rate life is going, I doubt I’ll be doing any non-commissioned sewing between now and next May. So all that lovely fabric is just going to sit there instead of (potentially) being used by one of you. And for another thing, I’ve found that it’s very detrimental to be surrounded by project possibilities. Art supplies are one thing, but big stacks of fabric begging to be turned into pillows are kind of distracting.

I spent an hour yesterday performing some basic fabric triage, but I didn’t manage to take a pic of the give-away pile. Need fabric? Tune in tomorrow for your chance to score some for free…


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