Tempus fugit.

Time usually creeps by on Friday, but today has kind of gotten away from me. Wait, let’s try that again: I have a desk job, and I lost track of time? Doing work? Now there’s a nice change. :)

[I’ve been putting together my grad program’s new recruitment brochure, which has involved a lot of toggling between Photoshop and InDesign, and either one of those beats yucky Excel or Word by a long shot. Some days I get to pretend that I’m a graphic designer who does a little bit of office work instead of vice versa.]

I did manage to finish my little paintings during lunch, but they both need a little fixin’ up and I didn’t have time. So I’m going to show little peeks only.

New painting detail.

Yes, there are birds in both. And trees.

New painting detail.

Bonus points if you can actually guess what the scenes are!

This weekend will be full of Etsy-ness for me…I’ve got a little “business plan” in the works (decided it wasn’t a bad idea to look at my projected expenditures vs. income) and I need to order some supplies. And I realized that my little craft room was never meant to hold all the stuff I’ve been cramming in there, so a little de-cluttering is necessary. Need any fabric? On Monday I’ll post the stuff I’m getting rid of…

Have a good weekend!

P.S. Thanks for the kind feedback on the lensbaby photos – I’m glad you like them.


4 thoughts on “Tempus fugit.

  1. hi.great job.have you ever heard great Genghiss Khan and mongolians from wolf (name Burte) & deer (name Gua Maral) ? deer & wolf is our pride.thank you wish you all best,good work

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